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Experimental Treatment Saves Eye

My name is Shari Greer, but 26 years ago my name was Shari Lockett. I came to your office, with intense pain, as though someone had poured glass into my left eye. Your diagnosis was herpes of the eye. For weeks, we kept it covered, and you treated me with every available treatment that was legal at the time.

When you saw my eye starting to show signs of shrinkage, you wrote to Texas A & M and asked them if you could use an experimental drug called Vira A. They overnighted the medicine to you and I came into your office, scared, in constant pain, and not very optimistic. You put the cream in my eyes and a miracle happened.... the pain immediately subsided for the first time in weeks, and with constant treatment for several weeks, my eye healed and I recovered. That was 26 years ago, and I have never had a recurrence of the infection.

I have sung your praises for years, and the experimental option you chose to treat me with to save my left eye. I have been in the advertising business for 20 years and came across your being a client of CRM in the lasik surgery arena.

Thank you, Dr, Lehmann; it is nice to see such a quality doc in Nacogdoches. This is a true story, and one you can share anytime. My life was almost scarred by losing an eye, and your professionalism and expertise saved me from that awful fate.

Shari Greer

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